Grace Lutheran Church and School


Education hour

Sunday, September 17, 2017, 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

Group: Church

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Sunday School Preschool and kindergarten students meet in the JK classroom. Students in grades 1–4 meet in the 3rd floor school commons.
Pre-Confirmation  classes (grades 5–6) meet in their classrooms.
Confirmation  students (grades 7–8) meet with their mentors.
Teen Talk meets in the Youth Room.

Adult Education

Planet of Microbes: Life’s Origins and Our Future on a Microbial Planet
Ted Anton, DePaul University 

We are living through an unprecedented time of science insight into the origin of life. But to get the big picture, we must start small, very small. This talk by Grace member Ted Anton links astrobiology with a microbial revolution suggesting that our former enemies, microbes, can be allies in a drive for better health and a sustainable future. Based on his new book, this session offers a vision of a tiny living universe and what that might mean to spiritual understanding

7300 Division Street | River Forest, IL 60305 | (708) 366-6900