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E-Learning in Fourth Grade

Posted by Gwen Gotsch on

E-Learning in Fourth Grade

Students at Grace School, like students across the state of Illinois, are attending classes and turning in their work online. Grace teachers are using Zoom to meet with their students every morning and are employing a wide variety of online resources for learning. Here’s how the school day looks in fourth grade.

Every morning Mrs. Ruthi Brucato meets with her students on Zoom at 8:30am. She reports that they’re all there — 100 percent participation, though some look as if they haven’t been out of bed for very long. They have devotions together and then Mrs. Brucato explains what they’re doing that day. She also explains a little bit of what’s new in math. The meeting lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour, and then kids work on their own.

There’s a second optional Zoom meeting later in the morning where students can ask questions and get extra help. The kids also have the opportunity to participate in enrichment activities in social studies and science. Science is especially popular. Ruthi’s dad is a science teacher and he has been leading science labs on Zoom with fourth graders twice a week. He sends the kids interactive worksheets ahead of time, and they go into their kitchens at home and learn hands-on about all kinds of things. 

Fourth graders are generally done with their assignments by lunch time. In the afternoon they’re welcome to do extra math practice and other online activities which they’re familiar with from earlier in the school year. Or perhaps just read a book. 

Ruthi says she is concerned for the students and their families and takes prayer requests daily. She wants to find ways to keep all the students feeling connected to each other. Four of her students have mothers who are doctors and are caring for sick people. Ruthi and her husband and children lived in Italy for a time and have many friends who have lost loved ones to the pandemic there. 

Ruthi recently wrote notes to her students and sent them by mail.  "I miss them!” 


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