Grades 3-4


Grades 3-4

Third Grade

Children take giant steps forward in third grade as they find themselves standing firmly in the world of school.

Reading becomes integral to every other subject. By the end of the year, third graders are expected to read lessons and chapters on their own and to be ready to discuss them in class. Students will advance unevenly at times, but the goal in third grade is to differentiate instruction and meet the needs of all students.

Fun activities in third grade reading include literature circles and reading novels together.

Third graders express their thoughts and ideas as they respond in writing in almost every subject (even math).

Students study geography and use in-depth map skills. They learn about economics and money.

Memorizing math facts lays a firm foundation for concepts taught in later grades.

We focus on the “how” of science: gathering evidence, taking measurements, constructing models, and connecting data to explain form and function.

Students learn how to manage time, use a planner, organize homework, study for tests, and bring the right materials home at night and back to school in the morning.

Ahliyah Watson, third grade teacher


Fourth Grade

In fourth grade we strive to never give up. Rather than say “I don’t know,” we say “I don’t know yet!”

We focus on creating a caring and supportive atmosphere. From this supportive atmosphere, we grow and explore and learn from one another.

Novel studies and encounters with other genres help fourth-graders become confident readers and writers.

With hands-on STEM exploration, students become scientists and engineers as they experiment and analyze their results.

Mathematical thought is put into action in problem-solving and more difficult calculations.

Social studies units focus on history and on our states and capitals.

Technology learning includes video projects and more.

Ruthi Brucato, fourth grade teacher

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