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Eighth grade boys interview Ms. Dorsey

09.28.18 | School News | by Grace School

Eighth graders are interviewing people who inspire them. Here's their interview with JoEllyn Dorsey, their 4th-grade teacher, now retired, but very busy!



As a class project eighth grade boys are interviewing people who help others in the world. They want to learn more about what they can do to make the world better. They are sharing these interviews in podcasts. 

For their first episode they interviewed JoEllyn Dorsey who was their fourth grade teacher. Now retired, she is busy volunteering at church and in the community and is also traveling around America and around the world. Click on the icon above and listen as students and teacher discuss ways they can help people who are struggle. 

Congratulations to Owen, Will, Caleb, Joe and Kyle on their first episode.  



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