Adult Education for June and July, 2017

Sunday mornings, 9:45am
Seminar Room

June 11

Pastor Dave Lyle

“Living Faithfully as Pastor, Partner, and Parent”
Like many of you, I have multiple full-time vocations. I am called to serve as a minister of Word and sacrament. I am called to be a spouse to my wife, Erika. And I am called to be a parent to three young children. Most days, it feels like all three are full-time jobs, filled with joyous demands. How does God work in my life to help me live faithfully in all of these callings? How do they intersect? And, how can we learn together how God is supporting and sustaining each of us when life seems to pull us in so many directions at once?

June 18
Pastor Dave Wegner
“Living Faithfully: Why It’s Hard Telling People I’m a Pastor”
Some people have thanked me. Some get nervous and try to change the subject. A few have revealed their whole life history. A few more have unloaded all their complaints about “organized religion.” The last has happened enough times on airplanes that I will feign sleep to avoid unpleasantness. I don’t like doing that – it’s just easier that way. Where else in our lives is the easy route more attractive than the discipleship route? How do we hold up our corner and proclaim Christ even when “unpleasantness” might follow?

June 25
Pastor Lauren Wegner
“Living Faithfully: Practice and Purpose”
Even though I'm a pastor, I'll be the first to admit that applying faith practices to my daily life is a challenge.  And don't even get me started on the challenges of teaching and living the faith at home with my family! We are all busy, and we're all bombarded with multiple demands for our attention and time. And yet, we crave spiritual nourishment and a deep connection with our God on more than just Sunday morning. How can we find the time, energy, and focus to do so? What are some faith practices and rituals we can easily implement into our hectic lives? Let's explore together this common conundrum of the Christian life, and walk away with renewed intentions for living our faith in practice and with purpose.

July 16
Sue Ames, Parish Nurse
“A Vision of Wellness and Health Ministry at Grace”
Sue will talk about what Jesus had to say about wellness and how that vision is being carried forth at Grace.

July 30
Pastor Michael Costello
“Living Faithfully: Dying and Rising”
It has been said that our entire lives are an offering of worship to God. If that is the case, then we have a responsibility as called and baptized Christians to offer our best in everything we do. I try to accept that call with joy; however, it can also be the cause for great stress and anxiety. Too often I fall short. What is clear, however, is that Christ has both called me by name and empowered me with gifts of the Spirit to fulfill my vocation as a Christian. Dying to myself, I am able to rise with Christ to love and serve.