Church Life: Vocations Initiative


Grace Lutheran Church is committed to an intentional focus of raising up a new generation of leaders for the mission and ministry of the church.

Through the Church Vocations Initiative, Grace will provide support, encouragement, and financial assistance to members who wish to pursue a vocational ministry, either within the church or in the secular world.

Download the 2014-15 guidelines and application. Scholarship applications are due June 15.

Here are excerpts from first semester reports for 2014-15.

Kurt Grahnke, senior at Denison University, studying psychology and neuroscience.
I continue to be interested in how scientific perspectives of the natural world can coexist with religious perspectives of the sacred. As I study synaptic transmissions, action potentials, brain anatomy, and cognition, I am coming to appreciate God’s work all the more. While we as humans will never be able to fully comprehend his creation (or the brain for that matter), I think that we become closer to God by studying what we find most interesting.

Rachel Foran, graduate student at Harvard Divinity School.
Throughout my year and a half at HDS, I have been busy studying the theological roots of punishment and how they can be reimagined for a different understanding of justice, as well as working with incarcerated individuals as they pursue their college degree. This blend of theoretical and practical work has been instrumental in helping me discover the places where God is calling me to be post-graduation.  

Amy Gillespie, Lutheran School of Theology Chicago.
Thank you for your ever-present support, care and encouragement throughout the whole process of my seminary studies and call process. I am rounding out the requirements for graduation at LSTC this last semester and am approved for ordination in the ELCA church! I am so very thankful for all the learning the Lord has given me over these five years. Through the work of the Holy Spirit and my experiences on internship I am feeling more called to parish ministry than I ever expected. 



What are our current scholarship recipients doing?

Rachel Foran, January 2015

Kurt Grahnke, January2014

Amy Gillespie

Elyssa Salinas, June 2014

Daniel Heim, June 2014