OrganPipes.jpgThe original organ at Grace Lutheran Church, an E. M. Skinner instrument, was installed in 1931 in two organ chambers on either side of the chancel, with an Echo division in the back balcony. Its design was in accordance with the tonal philosophy of the day.

In 1956, the Schlicker Organ Company, of Buffalo, New York, was contracted to enlarge and update the original instrument. Under the direction of consultant Paul Bunjes, the organ was rebuilt along classic lines. The most notable results were an unexpressive Great division and the replacement of the enclosed Choir with a new Positif division.

In 1986, Berghaus Pipe Organ Builders Inc., of Bellwood, Illinois, rebuilt the organ, revoicing the existing pipework and adding new ranks and a new console. The result is an instrument that uplifts congregational worship and adapts well to the performance of historic and contemporary literature.

Grace's current organist is Cantor Michael Costello, assisted by Laura Zimmer. Many world-class organists have been featured in recitals at Grace, including E. Power Biggs, Peter Hurford, Marie-Claire Alain, and David Schrader. The organ may be heard on the Pro Organo recording French Fest, with guest organist Mark Laubach.


Stop List


Great (II)
Bourdon    16’
Principal    8’
Waldfloete    8’
Octave    4’
Querfloete    4’
Quinte     2-2/3’
Octave    2’
Quintenone    II
Mixture    IV-V
Gross Kornett     II
Harold Trumpet    8’
Trompete    8’

Positif (I)
Gedackt    8’
Klein Principal    4’
Rohrfloete    4’
Gemshorn    2’
Larigot    1-1/3’
Sesquialtera    II
Scharf    III-IV
Regale Fort    16’
Groß Dulzian    8’

Swell (III) (Expressive)
Principal    8’
Flûte à Cheminee    8’
Viole de Gambe    8’
Viole Céleste    8’
Octave    4’
Flûte Triangulaire    4’
Nazard    2-2/3’
Quarte de Nazard    2’
Tiercesept    II
Plein Jeu    IV
Chalumeau    16’
Trompette    8’
Hautbois    8’
Voix Humaine    8’
Clarion    4’
Celésta Grave    8’

Rohrgedackt    8’
Flachfloete    4’
Weit Principal    2’
Rausch    II

Barduen    8’
Koppelfloete    4’
Principal    2’
Terz    1-3/5’
Klein Nasat    1-1/3’
Offenfloete    1’
Nonenzimbel    III
Geigend Regal    8’

Acoustic Bass    32’
Open Wood    16’
Kontrabass    16’
Bourdon    16’
Octave    8’
Spitzfloete    8’
Choralbass    4’
Nachthorn    2’
Mixturbass    IV
Kornettbass    II
Bombarde    32’
Posaune    16’
Tromba    8’
Schalmei    4’

Clochettes, 5 bells (Zimbelstern)
Full intramanual couplers
128-level combination action
Electric slider chests
82 ranks