Jesus sent the disciples out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal. (Luke 9:2)

The Health and Wellness Ministry sponsors programs that educate and support congregation members in making healthy lifestyle choices. Programs are coordinated by parish nurse MaryBeth Buschmann, with direction and support from volunteer members of the Health Cabinet.

Heatlh Cabinet activities include
•    Support Groups
•    Prayer Shawl Ministry
•    Sunday morning blood drives
•    Health and Wellness Moment, a column about health and wellness in Grace Notes
•    Sign Chi Do (an exercise and relaxation program that includes music and “moving prayer”)
•    A Health Cabinet table in the atrium on the fourth Sunday of every month, offering blood pressure checks and other health information

Healing Stations
The Health Cabinet also sponsors healing stations in both worship services on the first Sunday of the month. After receiving communion, you may go to either side of the  sanctuary to receive a prayer and anointing. We all are in need of healing of our spirits, bodies or minds at one time or another.  One can also include a family member or friend in the prayer, if you so desire. 

Parish Nurse
Parish nurse MaryBeth Buschmann works with the pastors and with Grace members to meet the mental, physical, and spiritual health needs of individuals in the congregation. She visits and counsels individuals when they are ill or grieving, assists them in making choices about health care, provides resources and referrals to appropriate services, and educates congregation members on the relationship between faith, health, wellness, and lifestyles.

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Mission Statement
The Health and Wellness Ministry program is a health-centered ministry of service.

This ministry shall promote the health, wellness, and healing of God's people--body, mind, and spirit--through compassion, competence, and care.

This ministry shall act as a source of influence in the life of the church and the community to ensure that the stewardship of health is expressed in worship, education, nurture, and networks of support.

The Health and Wellness Ministry program shall be coordinated by an appointed Health Cabinet and include a parish nurse.