Stewardship at Grace 



Make a Faith Promise in May

In the spring of each year, members of Grace are asked to make a Faith Promise, a commitment of financial support for the church’s ministries. Our service in the community and to one another, Sunday worship services, education programs, support for benevolences—all of these depend on the faithful, generous gifts of Grace Church members.

The Stewardship Committee suggests that you think about your giving as a percentage of your income, rather than a specific amount. What percentage of your income have you given away in the past year? What percentage do you want to give away in the year to come? Can you increase your giving by one percent of your income in the coming year, as you work toward the biblical tithe of ten percent? Can you give beyond the tithe?

Mission Moment about Faith Promises from Congregation Treasurer Bill Kopper
Chart on weekly giving as a percentage of income.

In the next few weeks, think and pray about the money you give to Grace Church, remembering the many ways God has blessed you. Then make a commitment to faithful, generous giving using the Faith Promise card you received in the mail. Return the card in the offering plate on Sunday, May 3, or Sunday, May 10. Or mail it back to Grace. (Download the Faith Promise card here.)

When people give generously, thankful for the many ways in which God has blessed them, they find great joy in their giving!