Our Church: Governace


How Grace Lutheran Church Is Governed



Grace members participate directly in the governance of Grace Lutheran Church and School.

The congregation is governed by a constitution and bylaws. The most recent revisions to these documents were adopted by the congregation in September of 2011. (Links to the constitution and bylaws are here.)

Congregation meetings are held three times a year. All confirmed members of Grace Lutheran Church are eligible to vote at congregation meetings.  

Many members of Grace serve on the boards and committees that oversee the congregation’s worship life, educational programs, finances, and service and outreach to the community. These boards and committees are represented on the Church Council, which has general oversight over the congregation’s activities. The congregation’s president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer also serve on the Church Council.

Elections are held every January. Officers of the congregation and representatives to Church Council serve two-year terms. Members of elected boards and committees serve for three years. Individuals may be reelected for an additional term in office. Members of volunteer committees agree to serve for one- or two-year terms and may renew their terms annually.  

The new Volunteer Committee, as stated in the revised bylaws, is responsible for recruiting for volunteer committees. The Nominations Committee is responsible for recruiting and nominating members of the congregation to elected offices. Congregation members interested in serving on a board or committee should