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Lauren Wegner Easter 2A April 23, 2017 Peace Out
David Lyle The Resurrection of Our Lord April 16, 2017 With Fear and Great Joy
David Wegner Sunday of the Passion April 9, 2017 Everyone Loves a Parade
Lauren Wegner Lent 5A April 2, 2017 Good and Dead
David Lyle Lent 4A March 26, 2017 That's How the Light Gets In
David Wegner Lent 3A March 19,2017 Sermon
Lauren Wegner Lent 2A March 12, 2017 Sermon
David Lyle Lent 1A March 5, 2017 No Ifs, Ands, or Buts
David Lyle The Transfiguration of Our Lord Feb. 26, 2017 Back Down the Mountain
David Wegner Epiphany 7A Feb. 19, 2017 God's Persistent Image
David Lyle Epiphany 6A Feb. 12, 2017 Tightening the Screws
Lauren Wegner Epiphany 5A Feb. 5, 2017  
Bohdan Hrobon Epiphany 4A Jan. 29, 2017 Sermon
David Lyle Epiphany 3A Jan. 22, 2017 Caught up in the Call
Michael Costello Epiphany 2A Jan. 15, 2017 What Are You Looking For?
David Wegner The Baptism of Our Lord Jan. 8, 2017 Wild Water
Lauren Wegner Naming of Jesus
Jan. 1, 2017 Sermon
David Lyle New Year's Eve Dec. 31, 2016 Brand New Year, Brand New Sheep
David Wegner Christmas Day Dec. 25, 2016 Sermon
David Lyle Christmas Eve Dec. 24, 2016 The Happiest Gift Exchange
David Lyle Advent 4A Dec. 18, 2016 Signs of the Season
Lauren Wegner Advent 3A Dec. 11, 2016 Sermon
David Wegner Advent 2A Dec. 4, 2016  Moving Mountains
David Lyle Advent 1A Nov. 27, 2016 The Thief in the Night
David Wegner Christ the King C Nov. 20, 2016 Today
Michael Costello Pentecost 26C Nov. 13, 2016 The Main Thing
David Lyle All Saints Sunday Nov. 6, 2016 A Glorious Inheritance
Lauren Wegner Reformation Oct. 30, 2016  Set Free
David Lyle Pentecost 23C Oct. 23. 2016 Empty-handed before the Cross
David Lyle Pentecost 22C Oct. 16, 2016 Hold On
David Wegner Pentecost 21C Oct. 9, 2016  
Lauren Wegner Pentecost 20C Oct. 2, 2016 More Please
Phyllis Kersten Pentecost 19C Sept. 25, 2016 The Life That Really Is Life
David Lyle Pentecost 18C Sept. 18, 2016 Cooking the Books, or Creative Accounting for the Kingdom
David Lyle Pentecost 17C Sept. 11, 2016 The Kingdom Is for Losers
Phyllis Kersten Pentecost 16C Sept. 4, 2016 The Problem of Hasty Followers
David Lyle Penteocst 15C Aug. 28, 2016 Your Place at the Picnic
Phyllis Kersten Pentecost 14C Aug. 21, 2016 Bent Out of Shape
David Lyle Pentecost 13C Aug. 14, 2016 Long Division
David Lyle Pentecost 12C Aug. 7, 2016 Things Not Seen
David Lyle Pentecost 11C July 31, 2016 Is Your Barn Big Enough?
David Lyle Pentecost 10c July 24, 2016 As It Is in Heaven
Phyllis Kersten Pentecost 9c July 17, 2016 Focused on Hospitality
Phyllis Kersten Pentecost 8C July 10, 2016 On a Risky Journey
Michael Costello Pentecost 7C July 3, 2016 A Persistent Peace
David Lyle Pentecost 6C June 26, 2016 Fit for the Kingdom
David Lyle Pentecost 5C June 19, 2016 A Love Stronger Than Evil
Phyllis Kersten Pentecost 4C June 12, 2016 Contrasts
David Lyle Pentecost 3C June 5, 2016  A Funeral Gone Wrong
Phyllis Kersten Pentecost 2C May 29, 2016  Dealing with Foreigners 
John Beck Holy Trinity May 22, 2016 Youth Sunday
David Lyle Pentecost May 15, 2016  Dreaming with the Spirit
Phyllis Kersten Easter 7C May 8, 2016 Washing Our Robes
David Lyle Easter 6C May 1, 2016 That You May Believe
David Lyle Easter 5C April 24, 2016 A Love That Gives Itself Away
Phyllis Kersten Gifts from God April 12, 2016 Noel Schalk Funeral Service
David Lyle Easter 3C April 10, 2016 Simon and Saul, Community and Call

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