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John Beck Holy Trinity May 22, 2016 Youth Sunday
David Lyle Pentecost May 15, 2016  Dreaming with the Spirit
Phyllis Kersten Easter 7C May 8, 2016 Washing Our Robes
David Lyle Easter 6C May 1, 2016 That You May Believe
David Lyle Easter 5C April 24, 2016 A Love That Gives Itself Away
Phyllis Kersten Gifts from God April 12, 2016 Noel Schalk Funeral Service
David Lyle Easter 3C April 10, 2016 Simon and Saul, Community and Call
Michael Costello Easter 2C April 3, 2016 Hand in Hand
 David Lyle  Resurrection of Our Lord
March 27, 2016 Idle Tales and Empty Tombs
 Phyllis Kersten Easter Vigil March 26, 2016 Hearing the Family Stories
 Phyllis Kersten Passion Sunday March 20, 2016 The Innocence Project
 David Lyle Lent 5C March 13, 2016 An Olfactory Offering
 David Lyle Lent 4C March 6, 2016 The Parable of the Fatted Calf
 David Lyle Lent 3C Feb. 28, 2016 Just Deserts
 Phyllis Kersten Lent 2C Feb. 21, 2016 Living in the Zoo
 David Lyle Lent 1C Feb. 14, 2016 Focused and Free
 Phyllis Kersten Transfiguration of Our Lord Feb. 7, 2016 Half-Time Extravaganza? (Audio)
 David Lyle Epiphany 4C Jan. 31, 2016 Clanging Cymbals and Dimmed Mirrors
 Adrian Kacian Epiphany 3C Jan. 24, 2016 Sermon
 Phyllis Kersten Epiphany 2C Jan. 17, 2016 The Scandal of Divine Reluctance
 David Lyle Baptism of Our Lord Jan. 10, 2016 You Are Mine
 Phyllis Kersten New Year's Eve Dec. 31, 2015 A Time for Everything
 David Lyle Christmas 1C Dec. 27, 2015 Socks in Your Stocking
 Phyllis Kersten Christmas Day Dec. 25, 2015 To Make His Bed With Us
 Phyllis Kersten Advent 4C Dec. 20, 2015 The Song that Got Away
 David Lyle Advent 3C Dec. 13, 2015 You Vipers, Rejoice!
 David Lyle  Advent 2C Dec. 6, 2015  Preparing the Way
 Phyllis Kersten  Advent 1C Nov. 30, 2015  Signs of the Season
 David Lyle  Christ the King - Year B   For This World, Not from This World
 David Lyle  Pentecost 25B   Things Fall Apart
 Phyllis Kersten  Pentecost 24B   Leftovers
 David Lyle     The Death of Death
 David Lyle     Be Still!
 Phyllis Kersten  St. Luke   A "Doctored" Gospel
 David Lyle     Just Passing Through

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Audio of Service

G. Detweiler     This Is How the Holy Spirit Works
 David Lyle     Taking Out the Trash
 Phyllis Kersten Pentecost 17B   A Children's Sermon for Grown-Ups
 David Lyle     It's Not About You
 Robert Shaner Pentecost 15B   Our Patron Saint?
 David Lyle     We've Never Done It That Way Before
 Robert Shaner Pentecost 13B   To Whom Can We Go?
 Phyllis Kersten Pentecost 12B   Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
 Robert Shaner Pentecost 11B   Telling the Story
 Phyllis Kersten Pentecost 10B   Getting to Know You
 Robert Shaner Pentecost 9B   Grace and Glory
 Robert Shaner Pentecost 8B   After the Storm
 Phyllis Kersten Pentecost 7B   Hardly Good News
 Robert Shaner Pentecost 6B   Called to be Faithful
 Phyllis Kersten Pentecost 5B   Crossing More Boundaries
 Phyllis Kersten Pentecost 4B   In the Boat - with Jesus
 Robert Shaner Pentecost 3B   The Promise of the Seed
 David Lyle     How Did We Get Here?
 Robert Shaner Pentecost 2B   God Calling Yet
 Gabe Ho Holy Trinity   Youth Sunday
 Robert Shaner Easter 8B   OMG
 Phyllis Kersten Easter 7B   Where the Lot Falls

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