Finding Hope while struggling with a chronic health condition

chronic health condition (krän’ik helth kən dish’ən) n.  An injury, illness, or condition which may be expected to be of long duration without any reasonably predictable date of termination, and which may be marked by recurrences requiring continuous or periodic care as necessary

Got hope?  We do...and we have plenty of extra to share!

Finding Hope is a community of support at Grace for people who are struggling with a chronic health condition.  We have members with all sorts of conditions, ranging from asthma, arthritis, and shingles to MS, Parkinson's, and Crohn's disease. Some members come for a short time while they struggle with the most challenging aspects of their condition; others come every month for years. No matter what their preference, all are welcome. We assure you that we will not only provide acceptance, loyalty, and love through our support, but also our confidentiality. And though we cannot provide a cure, we promise to offer hope and healing.

If your life (or that of someone you know) is impacted by a chronic health condition, we invite you to join us. We meet at 7:15 p.m. in the Grace library on the first Tuesday evening of each month. For more information, please contact Grace, or Jenny Kemp (Jennifer.L. Attendees need not be members of the Grace community to be welcomed.

“May the Light shine on all your days.
It is there, despite illness, defeat, and tears.
It is eternal.” --Harvey Stower