Adult Education classes


Adult Education classes

 Classes meet at 9:45am on Sunday mornings in the Seminar Room.


Anxiety and the Over-Achieving Teen
How do you advise teens who are feeling nervous about school, their personal life, or even larger issues like global climate change? Long time Grace parishioner and child psychologist David Jezl offers tips and suggestions from his years of practice.


Prayer, Faith and Poetry
Tania Runyan reads from new work and discusses how her poetry relates to her faith. Runyan’s poems have appeared in Poetry, Harvard Divinity Bulletin, The Christian Century, and the Paraclete book "Light Upon Light: A Literary Guide to Prayer for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany.” She is the author of the poetry collections "What Will Soon Take Place," "Second Sky," "A Thousand Vessels," "Simple Weight," and "Delicious Air," awarded Book of the Year by the Conference on Christianity and Literature.


FEBRUARY 2, 9, 16

King David
Dr. Michael Graves, Armerding Professor of Biblical Studies at Wheaton College
David the son of Jesse of Bethlehem is perhaps the most complex, noble, and tragic character in the Old Testament. His tumultuous rise to kingship and dramatic struggles with enemies without and within are described in 1-2 Samuel. Different portraits of David are painted in the Psalms and the book of Chronicles. The memory of David plays a major role in prophetic books. We are often left asking: Who is David? This three-week study will focus on David's rise to power, his kingship, and his symbolic role in scripture. In David, we will see how the Old Testament addresses major themes such as justice and mercy through the use of story and poetry.


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