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Epiphany of Our Lord, January 5, 2020

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Holy Communion at 10am

Prayer of the Day
O God, on this day you revealed your Son to the nations by the leading of a star. Lead us now by faith to know your presence in our lives, and bring us at last to the full vision of your glory, through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.

Scripture readings
Isaiah 60:1-6
Psalm 72:1-7, 10-14
Ephesians 3:1-12
Matthew 2:1-12

"By Another Road"
Matthew 2:1-12
This morning we journey once more to Bethlehem, this time accompanying the wise men from the East. They go, pay homage, and present their gifts to the newborn King. When it’s time to go home, however, they go by a different road. The plain reason for this, of course, is to avoid encountering Herod. Perhaps there is another meaning, too. When we come into the presence of Jesus, our journey is never the same again. We continue to exist in the same spaces, but the road is transformed. We walk now upon the Way, living in the epiphanic Light that guides our feet. This Light - Jesus Christ - will surely guard and guide us, even when our earthly journeys call us apart from one another.



Entrance Hymn WOV 652 Arise, Your Light Has Come!
Hymn of the Day LBW 76 O Morning Star, How Fair and Bright
Distribution hymns WOV 649 I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light
  WOV 646 We Three Kings of Orient Are
Sending hymn LBW 237 O God of Light
  LBW     Lutheran Book of Worship
WOV    With One Voice


Education hour at 9:45am

Adult Ed, Sunday School, Pre-Confirmation, and Confirmation classes resume on January 19.

2019-20 Sunday School, Pre-Confirmation and Confirmation schedule

The Grace Church Library is open and staffed on Sundays from 8:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Look for books related to Adult Ed topics as well as many other subjects. The library is also open for self-service during the week.


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