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Fourth Sunday in Lent, March 22, 2020

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Holy Communion at 8:30 and 11am
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Prayer of the Day
Bend your ear to our prayers, Lord Christ, and come among us. By your gracious life and death for us, bring light into the darkness of our hearts, and anoint us with your Spirit, for you live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.

Scripture readings
1 Samuel 16:1-13
Psalm 23: 1-6
Ephesians 5:8-14
John 9:1-41


"Who Should We Blame?"
John 9:1-41
Our gospel reading today is the story of Jesus healing the man who was born blind. But before he is the recipient of Jesus’ grace, he is the victim of the disciples’ theologizing. “Who sinned,” they ask Jesus, “this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” What a human question! Instead of looking upon the man with compassion, they see an opportunity to blame someone. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, we see similar responses. Which country is to blame? Why didn’t the government do something different? Why aren’t those people social distancing more, well, distantly? It’s not that these are bad questions, necessarily. They just don’t do much. Today, with the man born blind, we receive new vision. Let us see things with eyes of grace and forgiveness.  Jesus brings our dead eyes back to life. Let us look upon the world, this crisis, and each other as Jesus looks upon us — with hope, mercy, grace, and love.


Hymn of the Day ELW 779 Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound
Sending hymn LBW 446 Whatever God Ordains Is Right
  ELW     Evangelical Lutheran Worship
LBW     Lutheran Book of Worship

In our prayers we remember Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois (LCFS).

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