What happens to Rummage Sale leftovers?

Grace’s gym was packed with donations for the Rummage Sale on June 10 and 11. Lots of the items were sold, but inevitably there were lots of leftovers. These were donated to various charities.

Curious about where everything went? Here’s a list:

Bethesda Home and Retirement Center received clothing and small decorative items that senior residents could use in their apartments.  Some residents move to Bethesda with nothing. When the items were dropped off, they were happy to get the DVDs for movie nights.

Midwest Books for Prisoners received a variety of books that could be sent to prisoners.  Prisoners can request a specific book or indicate they would like any book. The group then sends out books to the prisoners.

Midwest Veterans Closet received some household items, bedding, and clothing.  These items will be given to veterans and active duty personnel in need.  Someone commented how nice a couple of side tables were.

Open Books is a bookstore with a few locations in the Chicago area that donates the books to literacy programs or sells books and then uses the proceeds to support literacy.

Cradle to Crayons received craft supplies, books, and clothing that will be given to children in need.

Harmony Community Church received suitcases, etc.  They will be given to people so that they can carry food items home.

Little Leaders of Tomorrow were given backpacks, lunch bags, and clothing.  They were very grateful to get the items for the kids in their program.

Wonder Works in Oak Park received costumes and toys.

Animal Care League received towels, rugs, etc. that could be used to make the cages for pets more comfortable.

Safer will receive better clothing which can be used to help people who are trying to enter the workforce.  This was originally suggested by Bob Carlson, a former member of our committee, who recently passed away.

Hines Veterans Hospital received activity books that recovering veterans can use in the hospital.

St. Paul Lutheran School received children’s books for their classrooms and library.

Dole Library Yarn Group received yarn that they can use for their craft projects.

Finally, items that did not fit any of these categories were donated to the Salvation Army.  They will be sold in stores and the proceeds used for their missions.

Many volunteers led by staff member Julie Modrich helped to make the Rummage Sale a success. Special thanks goes to Rebecca Dahlstrom, who organized the donations of leftovers to the organizations above.