Adult ed classes

Exploring faith, scripture, and society

Sunday mornings at 9:45am

Thoughtful people often have questions about God, the Bible, our Christian tradition and the world we live in.  Adult Education classes provide a place to explore a variety of issues in lectures and lively discussions.

In fall of 2021, Adult Ed classes are meeting in person in the Seminar Room at Grace. They can also be viewed on Zoom.


Adult Ed on Zoom
Meeting ID: 528 427 6033       Passcode: C9Y0qs

September 26
Faithful Feelings
Marvin Wickware, Assistant Professor of Church and Society and Ethics
Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

Emotions play a central role in our lives as both disciples of Christ and social, political creatures. What does it mean, then, for Christians to take our feelings seriously in both church and society? This talk will challenge the distinction we sometimes draw between positive and negative emotions, in search of ways to open all of our feelings to the restoring, justice-seeking power of grace.


October 3
Refugees: Who They Are and Why We Care
Linda Street, Grace Refugee Ministry

October 10
Lori Wilbert, Deaconess/Prison Chaplain at Stateville Prison in Joliet
Readings from men learning to incorporate Reformative Justice (RJ) into their rehabilitation, a process in which the offender makes amends to the victim, owning his crime and moving forward.

October 24
Healthcare Choices in Retirement
Lori Martin, Envision Benefits Specialists
An informational presentation about the changing Medicare landscape and healthcare  choices in retirement. Gain a real understanding of how Medicare works and current and anticipated future costs. Leave with the planning tools you need to make good choices about your future healthcare.

November 7
How Luther’s Circle Reached the People
Anna Johnson, Associate Professor of Reformation Church History, Garrett Theological Seminary
The Wittenberg circle was critical to the Reformation, from advising cities and princes about instituting reform to writing broadsides for the public. While Luther gets the credit, this talk will show that the Reformation was a group effort.

December 5
Best Books of the Year
Elizabeth Palmer, Books Editor, The Christian Century


Childcare is available in the church nursery on Sunday mornings during the Education Hour (9:45–10:45am), as well as during worship services.


“Adult Ed drew me to Grace. I think Lutherans have always had an intellectual tradition in their faith. Grace fosters that. Absolutely you don’t have to be a genius to be a Christian, but using your mind to think about the world is an act of worship.”

Laura, Grace member