New art glass installation in the Grace atrium

Grace is fortunate to be near one of this country‘s foremost remaining art glass studios, the Higgins Glass Studio in Riverside, Illinois, founded in 1948 by Michael and Frances Higgins, who were pioneers in the refinement of the ancient art of glass fusing. Louise and Jonathan Wimmer, who worked with the Higgins, carry on their work at the studio.

Grace member and Concordia College’s longtime art professor Walter Martin had the idea that Grace’s Art Committee should pursue a commission with Higgins for a glass installation at Grace. The colorful cascading discs, called Rondelays, which festoon the tall windows that face Bonnie Brae, are the fruition of Walt’s vision. (Walt died in October of 2020.)

The Rondelays were installed on Wednesday, August 18. In the center of each cascade is a special pane, designed by Jonathan’s sister, Celeste, that captures a traditional liturgical symbol. Look closely at the symbols represented and you will recognize some familiar Grace objects.